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Madremonte Packaging

Madremonte is a brand that comes from the mountains of southern Costa Rica and the mighty rivers of Longo Maï we bring you a cosmetic proposal that smells and has the soul of the mountains.

Madremonte cosmetic is an undertaking started by Antonio Martínez and the Costa Rican singer-songwriter Guadalupe Urbina at Casa Madremonte. This company was born with the vision of producing 100% natural cosmetic products, free of chemicals, preservatives, or others, using ancestral traditional knowledge and artisanal production methods to assure people that we bring to their hands products of the highest quality and great beauty.

This project was about developing the packaging for all the products, defining guidelines for upcoming products.

Currently Madremonte Cosmetic produces soaps, scrubs, lip moisturizer, solid cream, solid shampoo, and more. You can buy their products online on their website.



Packaging design

  • Date

    September 1, 2019

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    Call Me Tuti

  • Photography:

    Antonio Urbina

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