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    Pura vida!

    This crazy productive human is located in

    Costa Rica

    San José

    J Blavin would say LATINO GANG!


    Coooooooooool identity

    Create a tangible form of how you, your brand, your products and servicies are presented to the people. Our primary goal is build and maintain the identity to accord with the business objectives.


    The packaging made me buy it

    Not just for protecting, storage, sales purposes. The main idea of a good packaging is that the bran experience does not ends at the right moment someone buys a products, it almost just has started there.


    Ms. Business Intelligence

    We can not grow properly as a business if we just only guess and flip coins looking for success. Data is everything. Analyzing information and presenting actionable steps to help everyone make better decisions.


    Content kingdom, the one and only

    Digital Social Media Content is well done when it makes people feel something. Brands have to understand that Social Networks are not for selling (not 100%), those channels are to create a strong bound with your target. Then they will look for you and pay for what you have/do.


    Power to the customers

    A.k.a. Inbound Marketing. Don't be that annoying guy from the shoes's store that is following everyone trying to sell. Let them come toward you, closer to your brand. This type of marketing engages them and converts them into customers as well as loyal followers.


    Inspector Audit

    Inspector Audit, woo-hoo, go Audit go! Years of experience can let us see things that usually go out-of-sign and out-o-mind. Sometimes just little adjustments of what you are already doing can bring you tons of benefits.

    Crazy productive human call me tuti


    Rise and shine

    I’m going to take my experience and knowledge to break down your situation and give you what you and your product/service need. 

    Crazy productive human

    Into the palpable and digital realm

    This crazy productive human is a Designer, Creative Content Producer and Paid Media Analyst full of passion. I’ve earned most of my knowledge from work experience in agencies rather than college. I come from the many roads I’ve traveled (as everybody, it just happen that my roads are these and I really enjoy them). Love logo design, branding, packaging, lettering, UX design, social media management, marketing, understanding human behavior…